Blogging vs Mule Deer Hunting

Whats more difficult? Setting up a blog or spot & stalk bowhunting prairie mule deer with zero wind and 30 degree temps? Answer? Well I’ve been successful bowhunting mule deer in late august, and I’m still trying to set this blog up correctly so I guess there’s your answer.

I’m sure its simple setting a website up all the tools are here and it seems fairly basic, but I have issues keeping focused on a single task before I start browsing sports scores and day dreaming of bedding a 200″ mule deer on a coulee ridge with strong winds in my face and all day to make a move. Unlike in reality when I’m stalking an ugly 140″ 4×3 and praying to get in bow range before some snoopy ass doe spots me crawling and of course she has to come find out what the heck I am. Isn’t that the worst? WHY, why is there always that one doe who can spot your nostrils moving as you try to breathe behind a sage brush from 80 yards away. Then she has to come get a whiff of my sweaty scent before hopping away and taking all the deer within 4 county miles with her. Not sure how I got here, I’m just struggling to build this website and now I’m venting about does busting bowhunters. Whatever, hope I can keep you entertained while I figure this thing out.


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