Do bad fishing days exist?

There’s that time old saying that goes ” A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work” is this true? Well, of course. I mean unless your work consists picking hundred dollar bills off money trees, then fishing is always better than work. I enjoy my job as much as the next guy/girl there’s good days and bad but that saying has been around forever for a reason.
A few winters ago we went ice fishing to a northern Alberta bush lake, a 2.5 hour drive north from home. My wife and I got up bright and early at 5 am , and we went and picked up her father and began our trip. We arrive at the lake and it was a gorgeous sunny day, chilly about -15 degrees Celsius so not crazy cold but bearable for a couple of rugged ol Canadians. But of course being a bunch of goofy tough canucks nobody decided to check the forecast and a little breeze of 90km/h winds decided to settle in for the day. With a -35 windchill and blizzard like winds lets just say the fishing wasn’t as fantastic as we hoped, it was terrible. We didn’t catch a single fish, nor did we even get a little nibble. We froze our fingers and toes off, pretty sure my cheeks are still thawing out. What makes this fishing trip better than a day at work you may ask, well our entertainment was the 90k winds blowing my wife over multiple times are she walked around trying to jig in different holes. It was like a scene straight from Game of Thrones beyond the ice wall. The night walkers walking through clouds and mist of blowing snow, but instead of a night walker it was my wife all 5 foot 3 of her struggling to stand up and walk around. We still laugh and bring up this fantastic memory every winter when ice fishing season comes around.

Nobody looks back at the time your boss Carl spilled coffee on himself then proceeded to blame you for distracting him.

Give me fishing every time.


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