Flying bobcat is a better hunter than all of us

Ever walk into your treestand and you’re walking super slow, as stealthy as you can be trying not to spook anything that may be in the area. Then you think you’re nearly in the clear as you’ve only got 20 yards to go and you just hear a few sticks break and a deer hopping off through the brush. You curse to yourself knowing that big buck probably saw you, heard you, got your wind, or all of the above most likely.

Well when it comes to squirrel hunting that situation does not occur for this bobcat. The bobcat spots his prey and is laying there all patient his back legs just twitching in anticipation waiting for the perfect time to make his move and get himself a nice fat juicy squirrel for dinner.

Then he launches in full out sprint and leaps up the trees like hes got squirrel genes himself. The squirrel starts jumping from tree to tree with his life on the line, poor guy scrambling back and forth and this cat is climbing the apple trees after at the speed of light! After about 5 seconds the bobcat leaps and catches the squirrel with his mouth! He didn’t pounce on it with his paws and pin it down. He caught it in mid air with his face. How bad ass is that? To be able to kill your dinner with your face.

Check it out below (Action gets going at the 1:35 mark)

Imagine that poor squirrels thoughts just hanging out, winters almost over, doing some exploring looking for a spot to find acorns for the summer when all of a sudden this vicious cat with fangs is sprinting towards you. You climb the tree to get away and then the bobcat is climbing it after you! Since when do Bobcats climb trees!? That’s crazy, I guess it makes sense but I never knew they climbed freaking trees! Squirrel tries all of his tricks and jukes but it does not matter the cat does a backflip off the tree and gets him mid air and walks away like another day in the forest.

Thank god bobcats aren’t as big as cattle. We’d be screwed.


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