Late Season Ice Fishing for Pike

Its my favorite time of the ice fishing season to chase after pike. Mid to late march the sun is shining the warmer temperatures make it much more comfortable to fish and it seems to make the fish more active as there appetite increases. Not having to hide from the wind or the cold in a tent or shack and being able to fish wearing just a sweater or T shirt sitting in a lawn chair drinking a cold one cant be beat.

My favorite method is drilling two holes, one with a tip up or jaw jacker and to bait it with a 5-7″ frozen herring (buy a bag at superstore for $10) on a double treble hook set up and suspend it 6″ off the bottom. Then I sit and jig on the other hole. I usually fish in 6-8ft of water this time of year I find the pike like to cruise around more in the shallower water when its warm in the plus temps. Make sure to get out and catch the best time of the hard water fishing season before it ends! Good Luck!



  1. Hi Cody, I’ve got a quick, fishing-related question for you.

    This July I’m taking a trip to a remote fishing camp in Quebec called Camp 3 Saisons/3 Seasons Camp that I’ve been to once before. This place is incredible: it’s located on the shore of a big-ass (excuse my French, I’ve been practicing for the trip) lake called Lake Kipawa, and the only way to get there is by boat. The camp is run by a lovely French-Canadian family who are wonderful in every way.

    I’d like to write an article about this camp while I’m there, but since I’m not much of a fisherman (yet) I’m not sure which magazines I should be contacting. So, my question to you is: do you know of any fishing magazines or websites I should look up? Specifically ones that feature fishing-related travel stories? This isn’t going to be a rough-and-tumble adventure story, but more of a feel-good piece about an amazing place that brings all kinds of people together for the common goal of fishing.

    An important part of freelance writing is to find the right publication for your story, so it’d be a big help if you could recommend any magazines/websites I should check out. Thanks for your time!


    • Hey Josh, thank you for the message! That practicing my French comment was hilarious.

      That’s awesome, seems like a fantastic place, I’ll have to check it out online. It sounds like it really is in the back country having to access it by boat.

      May I ask where you’re from? It sounds like you’re not from Canada or you’re just not familiar with fishing magazines and websites because you’re getting into fishing now?

      The first magazine that comes to mind is Field & Stream. They’re the biggest or most well known or popular however you want to put it. Fantastic publication. Not sure how difficult it is to get an article published as I’ve just started blogging and never even thought of freelance writing until you brought it up but now I’m interested.

      As for a Canadian specific magazine Outdoor Canada is the way to go. Great Canadian publication.

      They both have online presence as well but those are the first two I’d recommend with the largest audience.

      I hope that helps somewhat.

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      • Haha thanks! I’m actually fluent in certain forms of French…the ones that get you fired 😀

        Yea, 3 Seasons Camp is pretty well “out there.” I like to tell people that it’s “beyond the end of the dirt roads,” because it’s true and it sounds good.

        Both are true: I’m not from Canada and I’m just now getting into fishing. I’ve fished a few times in my life, but I’m just now starting to take it more seriously. Oh yea, I’m originally from Cleveland in the US – not far from Canada at all.

        Thanks for the advice! I’ve definitely heard of Field & Stream, but I’m not optimistic about my chances of getting published by them just yet. I’m certainly going to look up Outdoor Canada though! They sound great, and I might have a better chance there because they’re Canada-specific. I’ve also been eyeing Canadian Geographic, but they seem very competitive.

        Thanks again for the advice, especially for turning me on to Outdoor Canada!

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