Shed Hunting Season is Here!

Super exciting time of the year, the snow is melting the sun is out its actually warm outside. Time to find some sheds, always anxious to see what survived the winter or even find antlers from years past. My ideal time to go is when 80-90% of the snow is gone. Most people I believe prefer to go when there is still a few inches of snow left so the antlers stick out more, helps make it easier to spot them. Having snow also helps you see which trails the deer are the most active on currently. When he snow is completely gone you can spend time walking trails that are packed down from years ago that the deer might not be using as much anymore.

My strategy usually is to start on a major trail that goes to or starts at a field or cutline. As I’m walking down that path I like to cut onto trails that break off that go into the thicker brush or bush where the deer like to bed and travel on that’s more hidden compared to the main paths. I zig zag back and forth on the side trails and try to cover most of the trails in those areas that I know have lots of activity.

I also will either take the quad or walk the fence lines and bush lines as the bucks like to travel along those routes and often when they jump fence lines the impact of them jumping and landing can cause the antlers to fall off.

Good luck to all and go find some antlers!


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