I open up twitter and all I see is this guy Big D and his buddy slaying these giant Northern Pike. Pic after pic, video after video. I wrote a blog the other day about late ice season fishing for pike and Big D is executing that fishing to perfection. These fish are terrified. They’re having nightmares. When these giant northern Saskatchewan pike go to sleep they dream about Big D setting up tip ups out ripping them up through the ice.

These Pike grow up hearing stories from their moms and dads about the big human man above the ice. Its a horror story told at sleepovers, there’s a man above the ice who will get you and pull you above the ice and shall you be so lucky you may return. Legend says some of the pike that return are never the same. They suffer from serious post traumatic stress of that memory of the Pike slayer… that goes by Big D.

Check him out on twitter @DwayneMihalicz


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