Try Fly Fishing, You Wont Regret It

When it comes to fly fishing I’m no black belt. What comes after white belt, blue? Lets just say I’m not an expert, nor a novice. My buddy got me into fly fishing about 4 years ago as another way to feed my fishing addiction and I’ve loved it ever since. Alberta my home province may not be known for its great lake fishing like Saskatchewan but what Alberta is known for is its world class fly fishing in the many mountain streams and rivers. The Bow River alone which starts way up in the Rocky Mountains at the Bow Glacier is world renown for its fantastic trout fishing. Many people say it is the best trout river in the world. Luckily in Alberta with access to all theses great places to fly fish it didn’t take long to fall in love with it.

Learning how to cast properly and efficiently is huge and that’s just the beginning. Once you get the hang of proper casting then you get into the insane details and specifics of rod weight and length, then on your fly line you have backing, floating or sinking line, floating line with sinking tip, different kinds of liters and different sizes and weights of tippet which is at the end of your line where you tie the fly, then you need a fly which there are hundreds of different flies to choose from, the fly size and type of fly matter depending on what time of year it is and what bugs are hatching at the time. The most common expression used among fly fishermen is “Match the Hatch” meaning see what bugs are hatching currently observe to see what trout are eating currently and match your fly to that. Guys also use fly tackle and go after big pike and walleye, using a heavier weight rod and line set up and large “streamers” they’re called to target the bigger species.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, like I said, I’m just still getting into it and learning more each year with repetitions, getting out there, listening to and watching others. I broke down the very basics of the little knowledge that I have but I am enjoying every minute I spend out there. Not only can the fishing be super enjoyable, but you are spending time in some of the most beautiful backcountry to explore. The scenery is breathtaking.

If you have any interest in fly fishing I recommend going down to Cabelas, a fly shop or a friend and talking to them and try getting into it with a basic start up set. You’ll need patience and be willing to learn as there are a bunch of details and specifics to set yourself up for the best fishing. If you’re willing to put the time in it will be very rewarding.


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