New World Record Hunter Harvested Whitetail Deer


I know I’m late to the party here, but I just started this blog so bear with me. Luke Brewster out of Illinois shot the largest whitetail ever killed by a hunter… and he did it with a bow. With 38 score-able points this magnificent whitetail measured 320 5/8″ after the 60 day drying period. The buck grossed 330 0/8 inches and netted the ridiculous score of 320 5/8″. That score has the Brewster buck as the largest non typical bow kill of all time as well as the largest hunter killed deer EVER.

There are two other free range whitetails that did score higher than the Brewster buck but both were found dead. The Hole in the Horn buck which was found dead on a railway in Ohio in 1940 which scored 328 2/8″ and the Missouri Monarch buck which was found dead near St. Louis in 1981 it measured 333 7/8″. So all time free range whitetail its number 3 ever recorded but as for a hunter harvested deer its the clear number 1. The previous largest bow killed whitetail was Michael Beatty from Ohio’s 2000 deer which scored 294″.

Trying to describe a deer of this caliber is difficult, adjectives such as; giant, huge, massive do not give it justice. This deer is a massive-mega-giant-super-natural-non-typical-freak whitetail. There I tried to give it the best possible description and I still fell short. Deer do not get this big in the wild, with the amount of hunting pressure, agriculture expansion & invasion, predators and disease. Whitetails face many challenges to survive long enough to grow a rack this large, I’m not saying this deer became so large because it was able to live along life. Genetics, stress and habitat are major factors it’s just fantastic to see such a rare and abnormally large deer be harvested.

source: Chicago Sun-Times

Picture yourself in your tree stand and you notice something in your peripherals moving on the trail towards your stand. You slowly reach for your bow and move your head a minuscule amount to see whats coming along. Then you see this monarch feeding towards you. I’ll tell you what I would have done. I would have fell out of the stand. Just like that, pure shock, I just would have fell forward right out of the stand. Or I would have started slapping my cheeks to see if I was dreaming or actually awake. 99.9% of hunters will never see a deer this big in the wild, so to actually see one within bow range has got to be quite the heart attack. Seriously though the majority of hunters get crazy heart races and buck fever when they have any deer in range & they’re getting ready to take a shot. For Luke to have this buck within bow range and to stay cool and make a well placed shot to harvest such an incredible deer is quite the accomplishment. I feel most of us would pass out or miss the deer by 6 feet because of the shakes.

Congrats to Luke Brewster on his once in a million of hunters lifetimes deer. What a beautiful trophy. Gets the excitement flowing for next season already. Maybe within 10 years we will have a new world record or maybe it could even be this fall..



  1. That buck doesn’t even look real!! Someone must’ve been doing some voodoo rituals or something to alter the genetics of Illinois whitetails…this can’t be natural.

    Hopefully that buck was able to spread his genes far and wide.


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