This Stork Is Hilarious

Check out this super funky Shoe bill Stork. I haven’t seen a stork since the time I was dropped off as a baby at my parents house a few decades ago. They tried to deny the delivery, but the stork wouldn’t do an exchange so they were stuck with me. I completely forgot about storks existence until I saw this video.

This bird is awesome. Just chilling in 3″ of water and decides yep perfect place to take a bath and then face plants and shakes for a few seconds. Good as new. Clean as a whistle. Whatever works. Part of me thinks maybe he is trying to cool off, it looks very hot wherever he is chilling but who knows. The face plant just kills me.



    • The funny part to me is he kind of doesn’t even look real it looks like a costume haha. Big cats are so cool, I feel lucky to have never run into one in the wild

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