Recommended Broad head for Bear Hunting

Spring bear hunting season is right around the corner here, and I’m going to share with you which broad head I believe is best to use when bow hunting black bears.

Rage 2″ expandable broad heads are by far the best to use for bow hunting bears and deer. A lot of people are not fans of using expandables worrying about them not expanding or of them opening up on your bow before the shot. If you’re hunting bears from a tree stand over a bait or spot & stalk hunting, the rage is great for both. Especially in a stand. There’s 2 major reasons why I only use Rage.
  1. The broad head flies identically to a field point. I personally use 100grain tips and if you sight your bow in using field points the rage flies just the same. Which is exactly what you need. The arrow doesn’t drift around. You don’t have to worry about the arrow flight difference if you’re anchored and make a steady shot you’ll hit exactly where you aim for.
  2. The 2″ expanded wound created, is devastating, ensuring quick and ethical kills. You usually see the animal fall over within sight and a blood trail like it was poured out from a milk carton.

Here is a picture of a whitetail entry would from a rage 2 seasons ago and a bear from quite a few years ago using a rage.

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