That time of year where we laugh at those who are finding out if their trucks can swim

Twice a year there is a phenomena where men risk it all to go ice fishing. Women don’t make this mistake as they, well lets face it, are smarter then men. In the early winter men have that ice fishing itch that they just need to scratch and they are either too lazy to walk on the ice or just say ” ahh ice is thick enough, its 8″! Truck will be just fine” 30 yards later they’re jumping out of the drivers window.

The spring is my favorite as those die hard ice guys just cannot wait until the lakes thaw and melt for the summer fishing season and they just have to squeeze every last possible minute out on the hard water. Another case is they take their sweet time getting the shack off the ice and they go too late and as they’re pulling the shack off they hear that loud crack and notice that they are slowly submersing.

Obviously having your vehicle fall through the ice is a terrible situation and its very dangerous to those in the vehicle. Extremely expensive to retrieve a vehicle that has submerged as well and its basically worthless after. But aside of the facts its hilarious to be an onlooker who does not have to share in the misery.


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