Tasmanian Devil Fighting Facial Cancer

Call me naive but I assume most of you are the same when you hear the words “Tasmanian Devil” your brain automatically goes to crazy looney tunes character. That’s what came to mind for myself. But the real life version of the Tasmanian devil is this cute but vicious creature that lives solely on the island of Tasmania off the coast of Australia.


Well apparently they have been struggling the last 25 years dealing with a disease known as “Devil Facial Tumor Disease”. Its as bad as it sounds. Estimates say it has wiped out 80% of there population in that time frame. Its a cancerous disease that spreads from facial bites when the devils play and assert dominance. They are slowly developing genetic adaptations to help them live longer and fight the disease. More information can be found in the link below. Lets hope they keep up the good fight!





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