Tick Season, Facts and Tips to Avoid Them

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 8th 2019

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Ticks suck. They’re the worst. They spread disease and that’s why you should pay attention and watch out for them this summer. There are a many different types of ticks that carry multiple different diseases.*

Ticks hang out on leaves, grass branches basically any vegetation and they wait for a human or animal to pass by where they use there back four legs to balance and they stretch out with their front 4 legs and latch onto you or your pet. They then will move around searching for softer skin near a blood vessel where they can burrow and spit out a mixture of their saliva which cause numbing and blood thinning. It can stay up to 3 days after feeding on your blood. Creepy? Yes. Disgusting? Yes.


Some ticks can transmit disease within 7-8 hours. Others take longer and if you find or remove the tick within 24 hours your chances of getting lyme disease are very low. Majority of cases it takes 36-48 hours for the Lyme disease bacteria to infect you. There is a vaccine for dogs but not for humans so be careful. Lyme disease an affect certain people very badly for a long time.

If you find a tick burrowed in you, remain calm and remove it with tweezers only. If the tick breaks and the head is still stuck, that’s okay, the tick is dead and the head will fall out on its own within a few days. Clean the area with an alcohol wipe and soap & water.

Tips to prevent ticks from attaching themselves to you is to wear long sleeves and pants, if in tall grass or in the woods you can tuck you pant bottoms into your boots. or wear a slimmer pant. Use Bug spray or insect repellent, recommended 20% DEET or stronger. If you don’t want to wear long sleeves and pants make sure to check yourself every couple hours or so quickly to make sure you’re in the clear.

Watch out this summer, last year I found one buried in my dogs jaw in a chunk of dried blood. Thankfully I had the preventative tick treatment liquid from my vet applied and it killed the tick already. I pulled it out of the dried blood and it was already dead from when it bit him.


*Here is a link to the different types of ticks and diseases they carry for more information:


More information:

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