105 year Old Hunter’s Quest To Shoot One More Buck

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 14th 2019

Randy Harris

This is an incredible story. 105 year old Clyde Roberts of Evington, Virginia, is still hunting to this day. He’s the oldest hunter in America, and he’s still shooting bucks to this day. Many years ago when he was 100 years old he was able to harvest 3 bucks and 2 does. Now a days at 105, hes trying to get himself one last buck.

He tells some funny stories of his life over the last century. My favorite being of a childhood memory:

From field and stream

When Clyde’s father butchered hogs each fall, Clyde would save the bladders. He’d clean them, insert a straw to blow them full of air, then seal and dry them. Come Christmas Day, he’d get them out and stomp on them just to hear them pop. “That’s what we did for fun then,” he says.

I read this story on Field & Stream, a tremendous story written by Bill Heavey as he went to Clyde’s home and sat with him during a hunt to hopefully tag along for another Clyde whitetail success story.

Check out the full story below as it will warm your heart to hear about the oldest hunter in America keep on going.



clyde roberts standing over deer
Randy Harris

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