Moose Spaghetti Recipe – Field to Plate

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 17th 2019

We all love spaghetti. Growing up as a child it’s one of your favorite foods. Every restaurants kids menu has spaghetti as a staple feature. It always killed me when my cousin was little he would pronounce it “Pas-ghetti”.

You know whats better than regular old beef spaghetti? Wild organic ground moose spaghetti. Here’s my personal basic recipe.

Start with 1 lb Ground Moose, 190 grams(half a box) of Spaghetti. I find a half box is perfect amount to match 1 lb of ground. That makes is a roughly 50/50 split of meat and pasta. If you prefer more pasta than meat use a full box.

Warm your frying pan up to medium heat & grease it with a tablespoon of butter. Add the ground moose and break it up to little chunks. I then season the meat with sea salt & pepper, then I also add garlic powder & Italian seasoning.

Continuously chop it and stir it around when the meat is fully cooked add a tomato vegetable sauce and stir it in, I use half a jar for 1 lb of meat, roughly 320 ml. If you want more sauce use the whole jar.

Bring the sauce to a boil after mixing it in. If you enjoy spice can also add some cayenne pepper. Reduce heat. While cooking the meat boil your spaghetti, and voila simple & easy. I add some lightly dried cilantro to it. Enjoy!


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