World Record Harvested Black Bear

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 23rd 2019

With spring black bear season in effect whether you hunt bears by spot & stalk, by dog or over baits, all hunters dream of taking a monster bruin. As a motivator lets take a look at the world record hunter harvested black bear.

PA record black bear

Robert Christian of Pennsylvania shot this gigantic bear in November 2011 in Monroe County PA. Estimations had the bear at over 700 lbs, with a skull that measured 23 9/16″ B&C. Just barely missing the world record by 1/16th of an inch. Found in Sanpete County Utah in 1975 by a hunter it measures 23 10/16″.

Christian’s bear sure is one for the record books and could one day be beat, but a skull that rivals a young grizzly sure is impressive. The funny or maybe lucky part of this story is that Christian had been hunting in PA for 20 years and had only ever seen 1 black bear before in his LIFE. It was a cub. How crazy is that, the second bear he ever sees he shoots and its the new world record hunter harvested bear.

PA record black bear

Primarily a deer hunter he was out with his father and uncle, they all split up and headed into the woods. He watched the bear following an injured doe and he shot it 4 times with his pump action 30-06.

With some luck maybe another new bear hunter will harvest a world record this spring!


PA record black bear
PA record black bear

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