Monster Musky on Homemade Lure, Must See!

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 29th 2019

If you watch a lot of fishing on YouTube I’m sure you may have come across the channel Uncut Angling. If not well you’re welcome. Aaron Wiebe’s channel Uncut Angling is one of the most entertaining and informative channels you can find on fishing.

Aaron is one hell of an angler, he can fish his face off. Not only is he very intelligent and knowledgeable but he teaches and explains his tactics and why he does certain things or what works best at different times of the year. He is the most entertaining guy I’ve come across while watching hundreds of hours of fishing on YouTube.

Based out of Manitoba, he fishes all across Canada and a few trips into the USA. He is a very creative fisherman and likes to keep it funny. Last fall he posted a video of him catching a monster musky on a homemade fidget spinner hook! You got to check it out below!

A few years ago he also had another video of him using the YouTube Play button you receive for 100,000 subscribers, and he catches a giant pike on that homemade hook as well! Such a hoot. I could recommend and share every video of his, but instead just check out his channel on YouTube!

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