Most Dramatic Coyote Attack Ever!!

By Cody J – B.O.C. April 29th 2019

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Jaymi Heimbuch

Okay, so apparently a Mississauga woman was walking her dog down the “Etobicoke Creek Trail” which I assume is somewhere around Toronto. When she seen up the hill a group of 6 coyotes, running down towards her and her dog. What follows is the most dramatic and unintentionally hilarious story retelling.

“Oh God Cricket, we’re in trouble. They’re coming,” she remembers thinking as she saw the coyotes dashing down a hill in her direction. “These guys saw us … they didn’t even hesitate, they ran right at us.”
Mary recalls the coyotes bit her pant legs as she tried desperately to fend them off by using a big stick and yelling herself hoarse. She says she even used pepper spray, but the animals did not relent.

Because she couldn’t manage to watch after Cricket while trying to save herself, Mary says she told the dog to run away.
“Three stayed with me and three followed her,” she says. “She looked back at me and I said, ‘No Cricket don’t stop, run’.”
Mary says Cricket managed to lose the pursuing coyotes by running in a zig-zag pattern and at one point jumping into the water nearby. She adds that a passerby also may have helped scare the coyotes away as she called out to the person for help.

This story certainly sounds like it was traumatizing for this lady and her dog. I feel bad for her and I’m glad she and her pup are okay, but from afar and post event I find the tale hilarious…

I’m sorry! It’s funny! First of all her dogs name is Cricket. Then she told her dog “we’re in trouble, they’re coming” that sounds like a line straight out of Game of Thrones.

She was petrified her pant leg was bitten TWICE!

She chose to sacrifice herself to save Cricket and told her dog to run away but then the coyotes split into two groups of three. That plan backfired real quick. So she told Cricket don’t stop, keep running, don’t worry about me save yourself! Oh man.

Thank god cricket remembered how to do a zig zag pattern and finally jumped into a lake because coyotes cant swim..

The article and news story with video is below. I love how the news reporter guy says a wild pack of coyotes as opposed to all the domesticated coyotes around..

Glad everyone is okay whether the story was true or dramatized. It made me laugh either way.

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