Guy Smashes State Record Fish by 22 Pounds… WHAT

By Cody J – B.O.C. May 10th 2019

Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

When you hear of a state record fish being caught, most are excited to see what it weighed in at. Excited to see how much it surpassed the old record by. Well not often does the new state record beat the current holder by 1.5 times its weight! Yes that crazy!

Hugh Newman of Oklahoma landed a 66 lb 3 ounce Small Mouth Buffalo out of Broken Bow Lake. The previous record held by Marvin Williams weighed 44 lbs 2 ounces & was caught in Lake Konowa in 2007. Newman beat the old record by 22 lbs! Incredible.

Where I’m from in Northern Canada these fish do not even exist. So this is crazy to me, to see a I’ve never heard of smash a record like that.

Now here is the crazy part, yes that isn’t even the most fascinating part of the story. Newman landed this 66 pound Small Mouth Buffalo using 8 lb test line. I cant even believe it. That is bananaland, reeling in a 66 lb fish on 8lb line. Basically have to have your drag lightened completely up and just let the fish do whatever he wanted until he was to tired to fight.

Congrats to Hugh! That will be one tough record to beat for sure.

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