Get you Fired up for Fishing Season–>

By Cody J – B.O.C. May 15th 2019

I divide the fishing seasons beginning in May and ending in March the following year after the ice season ends. Well that’s also how the seasons are here in Canada. The prairie provinces are closed for about 1.5 months after march ends until mid-late may when the new summer season begins.

I am leaving on Friday March 17th to Pierce Lake Lodge In Northern Saskatchewan with my best buddy for a 3 day fishing trip after trophy walleye, lake trout and pike. We are beyond excited to get the season started and hammer some early season fish. I will write a blog and breakdown of the lodge and trip hopefully with a bunch of pictures when we return on Monday the 20th.

In the meantime to keep my fishing fix I’ve been watching one of my favorite YouTube channels ” Jay Siemens ” This guy is super active and consistent with updated posts and he has already been out a few times this new season hammering the fish, check out some of his recent videos from this year already on the open water!

Subscribe to his channel!

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