Botswana lifts ban on trophy hunting while being overrun with elephants

By Cody J – B.O.C. May 23rd 2019

Image result for elephants botswana

Botswana has the worlds largest elephant population, roughly 160,000. Elephants are not like dogs, they cant be held in or out of places with fences. So when a heard of elephants comes strolling on through a farmers crop and they completely flatten it, which is how your family and village survive, it kinda sucks. And if you go to try and prevent them from destroying your crop they’ll just stomp you and crush you.

Guided hunting in African countries contributes massively to their economy. In Botswana it contributes to 1/5 of the entire countries economy which is insane. Second only to Diamond mining. Elephant hunts in other countries cost around $45,000 USD.

That money goes towards conservation, fighting against poaching, and helping create methods and to prevent situations where farmers crops are wiped out.

The hunting will help manage the population and contribute massively to the economy. It’s a step in the right direction.

Its easy to be a critic of trophy hunting in a different country. “Why would you shoot an elephant” or “there’s no need to go over there and shoot an innocent animal”

Very easy to complain and tweet from your leather couch in your home while ordering dinner on an app that delivers to your house. Try and tell a Batswana family that that elephant that cleared an entire summers crops growth overnight, and has killed other farmers is innocent and needs to be protected.

Elephants kill approximately 500 people a year. Well over 1 per day. They are dangerous and pests to property.

Crop Raiding Elephant

Elephants are never left to waste and they are used to feed entire villages, most of which are very poverty stricken. So quick work is made to process the animal.

I’m not saying to wipe out the elephants, I’m saying managing the population at a healthy quota through hunting and conservation is a must, the cost of a hunt is a major driver of the economy and the amounts of meat are much needed and beneficial for villagers.

Check out this video of a village butchering an elephant efficiently as a cohesive group to ensure everything possible is saved and used.

Here is a link to the news story about Botswana being overrun with elephants.

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