Crazy Finish to Black Bear Grand Slam!

By Cody J – B.O.C. May 31st 2019

Depending where you’re from spring Black Bear season is right in the full swing of things or just tailing off to closure until the fall season opens. Black Bear hunting is one of the most exciting hunts to be apart of as bears are very exciting creatures to observe and hunt for. They’re extremely dangerous, playful, curious, aggressive, and more. You never know whats going to happen when you’re out hunting.

Some people have different goals when it comes to hunting bears, and Bernie Barringer set himself a goal to shoot a black bear of the 4 different colour fazes. Black, Chocolate, Cinnamon & Blonde..

Its very difficult to harvest a coloured bear let alone 3 different ones besides black. Quite the goal Bernie set for himself.

In 2018, after 8 long difficult years, Bernie was able to achieve his goal with a gorgeous blonde bear in quite the memorable way. Check out the video below what a cool finish to an incredible achievement.

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