Alligators Breaking into Florida Homes Now

By Cody J – B.O.C. June 3rd 2019

Oh no big deal. You go downstairs in the middle of the night at 3:00 AM to get a glass of water and you hear something moving around then you notice broken glass. You automatically assume the worse.. a burglar. Nope. Something even worse. A Freaking 11 foot Alligator. Holy Freaking Shit. 11 ft. Alligator. Breaking into Florida homes not giving a crap.

Clearwater Police Department on Friday:

An unwanted overnight visitor had to be removed from a home on Eagles Landing Circle West in Clearwater. The 11-foot-long gator broke into the home through some low windows in the kitchen. The homeowner called police and a trapper also responded to the scene. The gator was captured and there were no injuries.

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The craziest part of this story is 77 year old Mary Wischhusen heard the glass break and went to investigate. Ballsy move there my Mary especially in Florida. Then she seen her visitor hanging out.

“It had this beautiful face staring at me as though he belonged there,” she told Spectrum News.

Nuts. This lady isn’t afraid of anything. I guess living in Florida you get accustomed to crazy shit on the daily. What other people see as crazy. It’s just the norm in Florida.

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